Tuesday, June 17, 2014

She said she loves me ...

She said she loves me,
that may be or may not be true!
Never a thought about it, 
but on my silence night,
it sting on my brain,
and I came to ask:

What do I term love from one?
Who can't be awake,
to watch my sleeps.
Who can't take a risk,
to ensure that I live.
who can't face reality,
To optimize my dreams.
Who can't discourage my fear,
and equip me with courage.
One that can't hunger for a while,
to ensure that I have enough to eat.
One that can't be there ,
in case if I fall.
Without all these, 
Love is just a gift of lust,
from a cheerful heart
A battle good to fight,
but spirit embarked on retreat.
Goods that sweets to purchase,
with prices that pains to pay.
A name easy to call,
but hard to respect.
An adventure beneficial to venture,
discouraged by hunger and tasty.
A service nice to render,
but faith lacks work.

On these I said no!
When she said yes!
I'm glad I have my reasons,
and on my reasons I rest the case!